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mixed - media

tempera · silk screen etc.

Humans see objects by focusing on a point of intersection made by the line - of - sight on both left eye and right eye which have parallax. Human eyes see anything except the focal point with seeing images of right and left doubled and blurred. I expressed under the theme of  “How is the world reflected in the human eyes in combination of a subjective method such as tempera and a line drawing, and an objective method such as a silk screen print of photoengraving. I have stopped drawing “view” because I could not expand it to a “new” and “original” expression at that time, but I resumed it with watercolor paintings and oil paintings involving “foveal vision” and “peripheral vision”. I was impressed by having seen a 3D stereoplotter and 3D stereoscopic vision with using red and blue lenses of glasses in a photography center at the university, and thought about “what it means to see” again.

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