A wonder of “all of existing” - Is the first “subjective selection” or “media selection” ?

I want to draw a picture and to express it  when I feel a changing world and want to leave that image. In some form. “Subjective/ image ”that I want to express is in the beginning, and I choose an optimum “media / material” and make it. On the contrary , there is an inspired media that  I want to use , then look for “subjective / theme” and express it.

There are five major expression styles ( water color / chinese ink / phase / aesthetic consciousness / view ) from the time of university to the present,


1952   born in Saku city, Nagano Prefecture

1978   graduated from Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts              And Music

1980   M.F.A Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts And Music

2018 Ohkuma Hirofumi