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mixed - media

metal powder · tempera · oxidizing liquid etc.

A friend of mine from the U.S. said that while American people feel that “Things are nothing but a thing.”, Japanese people have “Heart of Thing(a sense of feeling a heart in inorganic substances)”.(For example, “hari-kuyo” etc)  If the cultures were different, how you feel about things and a sense of beauty would be different. Isn’t it that modern Japanese people are attracted to Muqi’s ink painting because the aesthetic sense of “simplisity” that Japanese people have is combined with ancient animism or Shintoism and have been accumulated through “Zen”? (ex. Tea ceremony, Ink painting, Ikebana etc. / Kakuzo, Okakura. “The book of tea”) I tried to actively use “Coincidence” in my expression by changing the image which is drawn with tempera and metal powder from “Artificial = Western” to “Natural = Eastern” by oxidizing and corroding it with oxidant liquid and erasing it with verdigris or iron rust, under the theme of “What is the Japanese sense of beauty, including my own sense of beauty?”.

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