Mixed - media

Metal Powder · Tempela · Oxidizing Liquid etc.

While Americans feel that “things are only things”, an American friend says that, Japanese have a sense to feel “Heart of Thing ”( for example:“hari-kuyo” etc. ) . Different culture makes the way you feel about things different . I think  that  the Japanese aesthetic sense  are especially based on Zen in Muromachi  period (  tea ceremony ,ink painting and ikebana etc. / from「The book of tea」written by KAKUZO Okakura ) .It’s the reason why  modern Japanese are also attracted by Chinese ink painting of Muqi’s .With oxidized metal powders, copper rust and red rust , I want toexpress “the concepts like mujo ( transience c,wabi and sabi. ( change figures from “artificial ( western )” to “ natural ( oriental  )” )

2018 Ohkuma Hirofumi